Labour Day Weekend

This past week has been crazy! I worked the first part of the week, then I spent the second half getting ready to visit home for the long weekend. We spent most of the weekend running around visiting family all over our home city. I managed to take a few pictures of my trip (I actually took around 700, I love to take pictures but only a few should see the light of day). I promise to have a real post for next week!

Have a great week 🙂



Book Review: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

Welcome to my first book review! Last night I made this site because I felt inspired to, with a vague idea what I wanted to post about. Today I sat down and came up with so post ideas I’m excited about and I hope anyone reading it will enjoy! Now that I have that off my chest, let’s get into!

So for my birthday back in April, my husband bought me a copy of In a Dark,Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. I was skeptical. I had seen the book about hundred times because of my job (I work in a bookstore), I had seen that Reese Witherspoon’s review featured on the front( I knew nothing of her book club at the time), and I knew it was being turned into a movie. Those things aren’t bad or negative, they just don’t necessarily make me excited for a book. Now I had this book in my possession, I have to read it. Talk about judging a book by it’s cover, It is one of my favourite books of the past couple of years. I recommend it to anyone looking for something to follow up Girl on The Train or Gone Girl. So as soon as The Lying Game was released, I knew it was next on my list to read!

This book is about four women that cross paths school, they end up being together for less then a year but their life is forever marked by the Lying Game. Years later, three of the women get a text from an unknown number but they know who it is, Kate, with the words ” I need you”.  They drop everything. Isa, Thea, and Fatima make their way to Kate’s house, where they spent most of their weekends during the school, wondering what could be bringing them together again? So many twists, be careful and hold on tight! I do not want these reviews to be full of spoilers, so I won’t reveal too much.

First off, I will say once I got hooked into this book (for me roughly around page 50), it took me less than 24 hours to devour it!Ruth Ware has not let me down, I absolutely loved it. I love when a book gets you hooked and you need to know what happened. I also appreciate with Ruth Ware’s works, so far, I haven’t figured out the endings. Ware’s writing style, as well, is so important.It flows naturally and doesn’t feel forced. She provides the right amount of detail and stays true to her characters thoughts. I have read enough of this genre to say that writing style is usually my biggest hurdle. Nothing takes me out of the story more than too much stupid details. There is much I would like to say about this book but everytime I write I sentence I feel like I’m giving too much a way and I am also trying to stay away from a “Book report” format that was drilled into from school.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves a good suspenseful book, this one is not scary so don’t shy away if that is a factor for you! I have had customers tell me they didn’t like this one as much, their biggest compliant was they didn’t find the characters relatable and that the story was too weird from them. I totally get that! This is not a typical crime/mystery happens lets find out who dunnit! But in my opinion still worth it!

*Just a disclaimer- These are just my opinions, I am in no way a professional writer or critic. I’m just a girl who enjoys books.

If you have read it, let me know what you thought!




This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello there, I don’t know how you made your way here but Welcome! I’m not gonna lie, this is the third time attempting to write a blog. The difference this time is that I’m just going to write what is relevant to me, last time I was just trying to create something for the sake of creating it! The plan this time is to write book reviews, makeup reviews and just whatever comes up! If things go well, I will invite friends to post as well! Somethings to note: I’m just a girl working in a bookstore who loves books, makeup, coffee and most animals (I could live without the aquatic kind) and I’m just trying to figure out life and do things that make me happy! I hope to post once a week and more as things come up! Thanks for visiting!